Cord Cutting 2017: the definitive guide


An explosion of programming choices is shifting the traditional cable TV model at such a fast clip that consumers can barely keep up.
It’s not about just shedding a hefty cable bill anymore. 
For years, Comcast and Time Warner Cable have had exclusive rights to carry premium channels like AMC or A&E. That’s no longer the case. [Read more.]




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Live Streaming TV

Best live music apps on Roku, Amazon Fire TV

November 30, 2016 0

MTV Live may be gone from PlayStation Vue, but there’s still plenty of live music around Losing MTV Live from my PlayStation Vue subscription was painful. Shows like Austin City Limits and Later … with [Read more]



Uncommon Knowledge

NESN is now on PlayStation Vue

October 23, 2016 0

How to get NESN without cable PlayStation Vue has just added New England Sports Network (NESN) to its roster of sports channels for the Northeast. For many, many months, New England sports fans have been [Read more]

Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I watch TV without cable or satellite service?

There are two ways to watch all your favorite shows that you once got from your Comcast or DirecTV subscription. You can get an TV antenna and get major networks for free, or you can subscribe to live TV streaming services like Sling TV or PlayStation Vue if you want cable channels like AMC, FX and TNT.

What does it mean to stream TV?

Instead of relying on a signal piping through your cable wire or satellite feed, streaming TV comes through your Internet connection. The two main services for streaming live TV is Sling TV and PlayStation Vue, but not for long. Many other companies have plans to launch similar services in 2017. Check our guide on how Sling TV compares to PlayStation Vue.

Can I use a DVR to record TV shows without cable?

You bet. You can record over-the-air, HD quality channels using a DVR designed for recording broadcasts captured by a TV antenna. Our guide recommends the best TV antennas and DVRs, including Tablo and TiVo. You will be able to record shows from major networks like CBS, NBC and ABC. Fox, PBS, CW, ion Television, and Telemundo are just some of the channels.

What’s the best router for streaming to multiple devices?

Your best bet is to use a dual-band router. In other words, you will want a router that broadcasts 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies. We have a guide on what we feel are the best WiFi routers for cord cutters, and folks that have Netflix going in one room, and a PlayStation 4 in the other. We also have some helpful tips in our review on WiFi extenders on how to improve your Internet signal with your existing router.

How can I lower my Internet bill?

Great question. This is often the most overlooked part of saving money while cord cutting. Comcast, Spectrum and other Internet service providers won’t do you any favors with slashing your bill once you tell them you only want Internet service from them. But there’s hope. We’ve gleaned some insights from a 2016 Congressional investigation into the cable and satellite industry. Read about secret rates maintained by cable companies, then check out how cable and satellite TV employees are trained to create fear and doubts in customers. Finally, check out our resource guide on finding smaller broadband and Internet service providers around the United States.